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Transformational Coach Deborah King To Deliver Goal Setting Vision Board Workshop

Transformational coach Deborah King has announced the first event in a series of goal setting and personal development webinars for 2022.

Her event Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Cosmically Creating The Life You Want will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, February 22 at 7.30pm.

The vision board session is for people who want to get clear on their goals and focus on practical ways they can create the change they want in any area of their life or business. The workshop is also tailored for new and/or small business owners who are open to considering alternative goal setting methods for their business development and growth.

According to Deborah, who is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and an advocate of the Law of Attraction teachings, participants in the workshop will get a clear understanding of what a vision board is and how to use it in their life to create practical changes in themselves and their lives.

“My intention is that you will learn something new, be inspired and motivated about attaining your current goals and have some fun along the way,” said Deborah.

For Deborah, who is also a speaker, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and a Reiki teacher, the session will, in many cases, redefine what people think a vision board is.

She explained: “Many people have heard of the concept of Vision Boards and think it is just a pretty way of making posters to express their goals and desires. They may call it ‘positive thinking’ and believe that it’s maybe a bit too wishy washy or woo woo to really make much of a difference in their lives.

“I can say categorically, that this is not the case.

“Everything in our lives is affected by our subconscious beliefs, our upbringing, what we have been taught growing up, our own families limiting beliefs and more.

“I have witnessed, first hand the power of vision boards and how they have helped me attract things into my life, many things which I worked towards getting, but also many things that came to me as a shock and a surprise when I wasn’t expecting it and often thought was impossible to achieve at the time.  

“As well as providing focus and clarity, vision boards can be harnessed to work in alignment with our subconscious beliefs to attract things to us and bring changes that we want in our lives, quicker and easier than we may think is logically possible.”

In Deborah’s session Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Cosmically Creating The Life You Want she will cover all the basic concepts and tools attendees need to develop their vision board for successful results.

Deborah added: “We will also work on how to get clear on what to put on your board and what NOT to put on it, the reasons you may not be getting what you want and even use some meditation techniques to help get you into the right space mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Cosmically Creating The Life You Want with Deborah King takes place on Tuesday, February 22 at 7.30pm.

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Hack The Hub Tech Event Returns To Belfast

From left Conor Graham (founder of #HackTheHub & director NIGMA), Marion Rybnikar (senior director of Data Strategy & Governance at Slice) and Kyle Harrison (senior software engineer at Slice & Organiser at Pybelfast) #HackTheHub will be taking place on May 28 at Slice in Belfast. Photo Arthur Allison / Pacemaker for Excalibur Press For more information contact Tina Calder, Excalibur Press, 07305 354209,

The UK and Ireland’s number one leading hackathon series has announced their return to Belfast this month for #HackTheHub22.

Founded by a group of Data Science students in Northern Ireland, this year’s annual event will take place on Saturday, May 28 hosted in McAuley House, Belfast and marks the return of the in-person innovative tech event that combines all things code, creativity and community.

#HackTheHub Director Conor Graham, revealed the 2022 theme is Data and AI, both increasingly popular developments in the tech industry: “This year we are bringing together the intersection of data and artificial intelligence. Teams will explore areas such as forecasting, time series analysis, natural language processing and machine learning techniques.”

“We chose this theme because that’s the way the economy is going. Everyone wants to be using data and analytics to learn more effectively and run their businesses better but many don’t know how to do that.”

The hacking extravaganza runs from 09:00am to 10pm and welcomes developers, data scientists, designers and product owners of all levels who will spend the day developing innovative solutions and tackling a number of challenges within the space of 12 hours. 

Senior Director of Data Strategy and Governance at Slice, Marion Rybnikar said: “#HackTheHub is back and Slice is delighted to be part of it. At Slice we believe in community. We tackle challenges, we collaborate, we persevere and we celebrate our successes together which is at the heart of HackTheHub and exactly why we are sponsoring this year.

“We’re excited to finally get the Belfast tech community back together and what a way to get things started. As a company, we value big ideas and bold goals and we can’t wait to see what the teams dream up at this year’s Hackathon.”

Conor said that the #HackTheHub22 hackathon is ideal for both those breaking into the tech space, but also those already in the industry that haven’t had the chance to develop these sought after skill sets.

He added: “#HackTheHub provides the perfect opportunity to try something different. Being in a team with people who have a wide array of skill sets ensures there’s a solid kind of proof concept there that they can then go to look to take further on down the line.

“In the past it has helped people secure jobs or companies have straight up offered multiple job offers. There’s also been people starting businesses, building products and starting their careers from it.”

With Slice as the headline partner, other partners include: Insider Inc, Confluent, Enthuse, Github, Nigma, Datactics, Analytics Engines, Barclays Eagle Labs and help from the community groups PyBelfast and Women Tech Makers, all tickets to the event are free and will begin on Saturday morning. 

Judges will decide which solution is the “Best Application Use of Data & AI” in Northern Ireland and will score based on the level of innovation, business value and quality of pitch.

Previous attendee hacker, Kathleen said that her time at the event was a great opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals: “I met so many people working in tech at HackTheHub. They were so willing to help out, so supportive and I am so glad I got the opportunity to attend.”

For more information and tickets go to

#HackTheHub22 is sponsored by Slice, Confluent, Insider INC, Enthuse, GitHub, Datactics, Analytic Engines, Barclays Eagle Labs and Nigma.

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Travel & Tourism

4 Towns In Northern Ireland Voted Friendliest Visitor Destinations in UK

Tourism NI has welcomed the news that four towns in Northern Ireland have been awarded the friendliest visitor destinations in the UK with Enniskillen in County Fermanagh voted number one most welcoming in the UK.

Alongside Enniskillen, Ballycastle, County Antrim; Bushmills, County Antrim and Newcastle, County Down all appeared on the top 10 most welcoming list.

Tourism NI chief executive John McGrillen said the news was a much needed boost for the tourism sector in Northern Ireland that has experienced a two year blow to an industry which was riding high after a record breaking 2019 when revenue surpassed £1 billion for the first time.

He added: “While it has been two years of unprecedented crisis for the industry, I am pleased to know that despite the enormous challenges, our towns have dominated the top 10 list of friendliest visitor destinations. The news comes in the same week as the Game of Thrones Studio Tour opens its doors to the public and will help to put Northern Ireland on the map as a must visit destination for those far and wide.”

McGrillen believes the tourism industry has been incredibly resilient in the face of the global pandemic. 

“There will be brighter opportunities in the years ahead and I have confidence that with the appropriate support, tourism in Northern Ireland will bounce back,” he said. 

Other locations which made the top 10 list were Frome in Somerset; Glastonbury, Somerset: Shetland; Wick, Highlands and Kelso, Scottish Borders.

Following research from more than 232 million verified reviews as part of’s 10th annual Traveller Review Awards, the awards recognise more than 1.25 million travel providers around the world for their hospitality, including 53,623 in the UK.

The winning list was decided by the total share of Traveller Review Award 2022 recipients when compared to the total number of eligible properties in that town or city.

McGrillen added: “Tourism is absolutely vital for us as it provides passengers for our public transport and supports sea and air routes; it generates revenue to support our culture and heritage assets and can contribute to the protection of our natural environment; it provides revenue for central and local government and promotes a positive image of Northern Ireland overseas, supporting foreign direct investment.”

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