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Vaccination Centres Offering Jabs to All Adults

Northern Ireland’s Covid-19 vaccination centres are now offering first dose appointments to everyone aged 18 and over, as part of the drive to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

In recent weeks, the centres have been focussing on the 18-39 age group, with community pharmacies offering vaccine appointments to those aged 40 and over.

From 9am today, anyone aged 18 plus can book a vaccine appointment at the vaccination centres. These centres are using the Pfizer vaccine for first doses.

Today’s announcement has been made possible due to a scheduled increase in supplies of the Pfizer vaccine.

To book online go to:

For those who cannot book online, appointments can also be made using the telephone service 0300 200 7813.

You should not book if you already have a vaccination appointment with your GP or community pharmacy. Community pharmacies continue to be available to book a vaccination slot for those aged 40 years and over. Due to the additional availability of the Pfizer vaccine to all age cohorts through Trust centres, community pharmacies will no longer be offering vaccination to under 40s at this time.

Health Minister Robin Swann said: “I have been contacted by people in the 40 plus age group who wanted to be able to book their vaccine jabs in a vaccination centre. They can now do so.

“The vaccination programme has already reached about 80% of 40-49-year-olds. I believe today’s announcement will help push that figure up even higher.

“Some appointment slots are still available at the centres for this weekend and we are today opening a fresh batch of slots for next week.

“My advice to everyone who has not yet come forward is to get your jab as soon as you can. The emergence and spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant demonstrates that the virus remains a serious threat.

“Getting vaccinated protects you and protects others. Vaccination is also essential to our pathway back to normality.”

The Trust-run vaccination centres are located at: SSE Arena, Belfast; Foyle Arena, Derry/Londonderry; Omagh Leisure Centre; Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen; South Lake Leisure Centre, Craigavon; Seven Towers Leisure Centre, Ballymena; and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

Chief Medical Officer Sir Michael McBride urged all those who have not yet had their jab to book as soon as possible.

He also underlined the importance of vaccination to young people, saying: “Young people have had a particularly tough time during the pandemic and have made immense sacrifices.

“They should see vaccination as a passport to a better life. They might think that their age protects them from the virus but that will not be the case for some of them. Also, when they get the vaccine, they are helping to protect their parents and grandparents and other older people they care about.

“This is the case even if those parents and grandparents have themselves been vaccinated. No vaccine ever provides 100% protection to 100% of people, but the more people we get covered, the harder it becomes for the virus to spread and do damage.”

A number of localised initiatives are planned to help encourage take-up in June and July. These will include mobile, evening and walk-in clinics at different locations.

Vaccine supplies will be further boosted with the Moderna vaccine being deployed in Northern Ireland from next week.

Patricia Donnelly, head of Northern Ireland’s vaccination programme, said: “While walk-in clinics will suit some people better, I would still encourage as many people as possible to book.

“Booking helps us on the planning front, but also offers people a fast track in and out of the vaccination centres, at a specific time of their choosing.

“We are looking at all options that will help as many people as possible get both doses by the end of the summer.

“We are also speaking to the SSE Arena about whether a short extension to the vaccination centre operation may be feasible to facilitate second doses. Discussions are ongoing and we will update in due course.”


Applications for Spend Local Pre-Paid Card will Open from 27th September

Announcing the next phase of the High Street Scheme, Economy Minister Gordon Lyons with Milana Surova of Memento florists on the Ormeau Road, Belfast.

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons announced a number of important dates in the rollout of the High Street Scheme (HSS).

On a visit to Belfast’s Ormeau Road – which was recently announced as Retail NI’s High Street of the Year – the Minister announced that the online portal which will enable anyone aged over 18 and over to apply for the £100 Spend Local pre-paid cards – will be open from 27th September until 25th October.

He also announced a number of other key dates. They are:

  • Week commencing 4th October – First tranche of cards will issue to those who have successfully applied for the Spend Local pre-paid card.
  • 11th October – Telephone service will open to support applications from people not able to access or use the online portal.
  • 25th October – High Street Scheme online portal and telephone services will close.
  • 25th October – the last qualifying date for those turning 18 to be eligible to apply for a Spend Local card.
  • 30th November – High Street Scheme closes and the Spend Local pre-paid cards will cease to be valid.

The Minister said: “Now is the time to get ready to Spend Local. I am delighted to announce that the online portal will open to receive applications in just under two weeks with the first tranche of Spend Local pre-paid cards to issue the week beginning 4th of October.

“The objective of the £145million High Street Scheme is to boost local businesses following the drop in footfall brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. By giving everyone aged 18 and over in Northern Ireland a pre-paid card worth £100 to spend in local high businesses, we will encourage many more customers back through the doors of local retail, hospitality and services.

“I would encourage everyone who is over 18 by 25th October this year, to apply for their card between 27th September and October 25th. We expect demand to be high so please be patient if the online portal is busy just after it opens. It is important to remember that everyone will have at least four weeks to spend their card.

“By applying, receiving and ultimately spending your Spend Local card in local businesses such as shops, hospitality and other services before November 30, you will be doing your bit to support your local businesses.”

The Minister was joined by Chris O’Reilly, Chair of Ormeau Business Association, Simon Hamilton of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, Glyn Roberts of Retail NI and local traders.

Welcoming the scheme, Mr O’Reilly said: “We would like to welcome the Minister to the Ormeau Road – the High Street of the Year. Like many other local high streets across our towns and cities, the Ormeau Road is home to a diverse range of shops, restaurants and pubs which have felt the impact of the pandemic through a reduced number of customers coming through our doors. The High Street Scheme will deliver just the boost we need right now. I am sure I speak for many traders across Northern Ireland when I say we are looking forward to seeing customers using their Spend Local cards.”  

Mr Hamilton said: “Belfast Chamber is delighted to support the launch of the Department for the Economy’s Spend Local card. It has been an immensely challenging period for retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses and this £100 Spend Local card will give people the opportunity to actively help those businesses. It is also a great way to support everyone who works in our local shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and other services. This scheme will provide a much needed and very timely boost to those hard-hit sectors and make a massive difference to businesses as we emerge from the pandemic and edge towards recovery.”

Announcing the next phase of the High Street Scheme, Economy Minister Gordon Lyons joins Michael Goggin of Michel’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetables on the Ormeau Road, Belfast.

Mr Roberts said: “Retail NI has been a strong advocate for the High Street Scheme as a stimulant to support economic recovery. This £100 pre-paid Spend Local Card will be a much needed welcome spending boost for many retailers and our High Streets as whole. Our sector has suffered significantly during the pandemic and the High Street Scheme has come at the right time. I encourage consumers to spend this card with local retailers to boost our economy.”

From 27th of September to 25th of October applicants will be asked to apply through NI Direct.  For verification purposes in order to reduce the risk of fraud and error, each applicant will be asked to provide:

  • name;
  • address;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • disability status;
  • national insurance number;
  • email address; and
  • telephone number. 

Applicants will also have the option of including a driving licence number to enable verification. Once the applicant has completed the registration process their information will be checked against a number of government databases to verify their identity.

The portal is expected to be extremely busy in the days after it opens. Applicants are reminded that the online portal will be open for four weeks and everyone will have a minimum of four weeks to spend their card.

Applicants should receive their Spend Local card within 7-10 days of making their application. When an applicant receives their card, they will need to verify the card through a computer-operated phone system or text message and make the first payment using a pin, before they can start to use it for contactless payments.

The cards can be used in all participating businesses in Northern Ireland. They cannot be used online or for gambling or some financial and legal services.

The telephone support service will open on 11th October. The later opening of the telephone service has been implemented to encourage more people to apply online when the portal opens on 27th September and avoid using the phone line leaving it available for those who do not have access to, or are not able to use, the internet.

A public information campaign across television, radio, press and social media will begin on 16th September to keep applicants up-to-date with the scheme

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Young People Aged 12 to 15 to be Offered Covid-19 Vaccine

People aged 12-15 in Northern Ireland will be offered a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine shortly.

This move follows the unanimous advice to ministers from the four UK Chief Medical Officers.

Health Minister Robin Swann said: “I have carefully considered the advice provided by the four UK Chief Medical Officers and have accepted their recommendation to expand the vaccination programme to all those aged 12-15. This move will help protect young people from catching COVID-19 and is expected to prevent disruption in schools by reducing transmission.”

In line with the recommendation of the independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), the government sought the views of the four UK CMOs on the wider issues that are relevant to the health of children.  All those aged 12 to 15 in Northern Ireland will now be offered one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and parental consent will be sought prior to vaccination. For those who are part of an ‘at risk’ group, they will receive two doses, eight weeks apart, in line with JCVI advice.

The government has accepted the advice of the four UK CMOs and the HSC is preparing to deliver the programme which is expected to be a schools-based vaccination programme, which is the successful model used for vaccinations including for HPV and the annual flu programme. They will be supported by GPs where necessary. Consent forms for vaccination will begin to be distributed via schools shortly.

Most school-aged children aged 12 to 15 are expected to will primarily receive their COVID-19 vaccination in their school with alternative provision for those who are home schooled or in secure services.

The Minister concluded: “I thank the UK Chief Medical Officers for their expert advice. Our healthcare system stands ready to extend the vaccination programme to this group with the same dedication and urgency that they have delivered all other parts of the vaccination programme.”

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