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Cork Rapper Kestine is dropping a new EP “Reflection”

A former chorister, with a background in piano, Kestine releases Reflection EP. Adapting a soulful influence with an orchestral composition style, the music draws on works by artists like Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

This brand new EP from rap and RnB singer-songwriter Kestine is the culmination of a life-long journey. Enchanted by artists like Michael Jackson at a young age, with the dance moves, beats, and swagger, Kestine knew that music and performance were the future for him. Combined with a Gospel Music influence from his parents, and the big impression made by the sounds of hip hop, reggae, and soul, Kestine began designing his own sound.

When he was young, other children would sometimes tease him about his musical aspirations. This only worked to push Kestine further into the world of learning piano, writing songs, rehearsing, and training for the stage. Soon after this, Kestine began to find a niche with rap as the rhymes and words would flow to the music. For the first time in his life, Kestine began to feel included in something and treated with respect.


A former chorister, with a background in piano, Kestine releases Reflection EP. Adapting a soulful influence with an orchestral composition style, the music draws on works by artists like Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. Utilising modern electronic technology and producing material that nods to the classics, 808 beats and cutting edge drum mixing walk with the traditional sounds of soul.

As a Black Irish person, Kestine looks into the history of his culture through the lens of the modern BLM movement. Reflection EP opens a window on the past and lets the air in, the aromas and melodies bringing back all kinds of feelings. Growing up with a sense of wanting to be good enough, and now standing as an international talent, merging the two perspectives takes good leadership.
This EP has been engineered by Outsider YP.

Looking Back and Appreciating

As someone who identifies with the outsider himself, working with this talent enriches the meaning behind the record even more. Designed to be a moment of looking back and appreciating where we are now, Reflection EP takes a good look at Kestine’s interesting life through a diverse set of tracks.

The record includes U.N.I.T.Y. which is a direct address to the Black Lives Matter movement. As a black artist with a platform, it seems the right thing to do to use it for good. He asks his community whether they are looking out for all black people or just themselves. It’s something many people have feelings on and this track will bring the conversation to the front.

Including more intimate works about wanting to be good enough and a good role model, this EP is personal, deep, and carries a universal message. Opening up the universe within himself for all people to explore, Kestine’s Reflection EP will be available for streaming on all major platforms as of 23rd of April.

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Sarah O’Moore Drops New Single ‘I Need U’

Irish singer songwriter, Sarah O’Moore latest single ‘I Need U’ is available now on all streaming platforms. The song is an energetic anthem that examines the wrong doings in society. The boisterous sound coupled with matter-of-fact lyrics allows the song to flow through an honest ravine.

Making heads turn with her timeless, sultry, powerhouse voice is Irish singer-songwriter Sarah O’Moore. Raised on a diet of rock Gods & folk legends, is it any wonder that her style pogos from contemporary RNB to soul? Drawing comparison from Amy Winehouse to Billie Holiday. Sarah is a voice in her own right penning deeply introspective and profoundly outlandish work. Borrowing from her Corkonian roots, Sarah’s songs carry the dark underbelly of societal demise and her hybrid fusion of rich lyricism and melodic roots make her a touchstone for current times.

From an early age, Sarah has always been attracted to the soul talent of Nina Simone, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. It was through cosmic wordsmiths such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison, Sarah was able to hone her craft. Pursuing her dreams, Sarah set shore to Bristol; where she is currently studying Songwriting at BIMM.

O’Moore has said that the song is about ‘the political undertones of the past year. Its after showcasing the Omnipresence of racism in society and the ongoing battles of minority groups. It’s reignited our need to combat these issues. Lets not have the victors steal the narrative and have its victims forgotten.

The song is rallied with immediacy with the use of synth textures and raw vocals. The song questions the latent attitudes of government power. It’s time to support, speak up, press play and listen away.

Sarah plans to launch her debut E.P, “social paralysis” later this year. Which will act as a testimony to James Joyce’s “Dubliner’s”. She will embark on bringing these 20th century archetypes to life.

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Iconic NI band The Outcasts to take Punk to the Park

The ever-popular Belfast punk band, The Outcasts are set to make an explosive return to the stage at Ward Park in Bangor at Punk in the Park this summer as restrictions are eased and live gigs are permitted.  

The event, taking place on Sunday 22 August 2021 at 3pm – 5pm, is part of the Open House Festival as it resumes after a year’s hiatus with live music, comedy and spoken word events throughout August and September. The Belfast born punk group, made up of brothers Greg and Martin Cowan along with JP and Petsey Burns, will take to the stage in their first performance since 2020, supported by local Bangor band Wasted Talent.

Formed in 1977, the Outcasts are legends on the Belfast music scene having signed with Terry Hooley’s infamous Good Vibrations record label. Branded by local media as “the band you love to hate”, The Outcasts embraced their bad boy image and were central to the development of the youth punk scene in Belfast. Forty-four years on, the band are now signed with Philadelphia-based record label, Violated Records and released an EP under the label in 2019, their first since 1983.

Lead singer and bassist, Greg Cowan, said:

“We are thrilled to be taking part in our first live gig in 18 months. 2020 was due to be one of our busiest periods including our first ever tour of America, which unfortunately was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“We can’t wait to get back on stage and play together to unite everyone with a love of punk and celebrate the vibrant music scene Northern Ireland has to offer. With the tough times the music business has been through lately, it’s important for the public to get out and support local bands and musicians. So, I would encourage as many people as possible to come out to the event to celebrate the world opening up again.”

The outdoor gig marks the beginning of a flurry of activity for the punk icons as they prepare for a busy 2022, with tours through France and Switzerland before they return home for an Irish tour with fellow local rock band, Therapy.

Held in the open-air of Ward Park, all the Music in the Park events at the Open House Festival are free to attend for all ages and do not require booking. Guests are encouraged to pack a picnic and head down to Bangor for a Sunday afternoon of live music and an electric atmosphere.

The Outcasts can be found on Facebook @officialoutcasts.

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