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Social Media Star Adam B Gives Young YouTubers A Gift To Remember

Last weekend Derry YouTube star Adam Beales gave out over £20k worth of gifts to people he believed needed help.

But three young people really stood out to him because they aspire to having YouTube success just like the 20-year-old who is better known as Adam B online.

Adam had asked for nominations for children and young people who needed a lift, and distributed tech gifts, and even a car, to many deserving families, including those who want to follow in his footsteps.

For 12-year-old Shayne O’Carolan Adam’s visit came after being nominated for his hospital fundraising efforts, following on from spending the first four year of his life in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Birmingham.

Derry YouTuber Adam B visits 12-year-old YouTuber Shayne O’Carolan who received a camera and a laptop in the big 20k giveaway where Adam travelled around Derry in an ice cream truck giving gifts to people he believed deserved them.
Photo (c) Shayne O’Carolan
For more info contact Tina Calder, Excalibur Press, 07305354209,

But it wasn’t just his inspirational story that captured Adam’s heart, the fact the youngster had his own YouTube channel made Adam want to help him even more.

Mum Shauna explained how much Adam’s visit and gifts meant to him.

“Shayne’s whole life is based around YouTube,’ she said. “He has his own YouTube channel and spends hours every day making videos.”

Shayne’s video making will be a lot easier now thanks to the camera and Macbook for editing that were presented to him by Adam, during a visit to his house.

“I wasn’t expecting any presents,’ Shauna explained. “The visit was phenomenal enough. We couldn’t get Shayne to go to bed that night because he said that he didn’t want the day to end. Since then he has been talking about Adam nonstop. We can’t believe the effect that Adam has had on him.”

Adam’s gift-giving initiative is the latest that the YouTube star has undertaken, having previously donated more than £1k to those in need. This time it saw him delivering the gifts in a special ice cream van.

“I set up an email account asking people to send emails in, nominating people who they thought deserved a gift,” he explained. “I received thousands!

“My whole family and myself sat reading through all the emails over a series of nights. Some people got lots of nominations who, most obviously, deserved a gift. Others I chose because they stuck out to me personally.”

One of those that struck a chord was that of nine-year-old Lucas Noah Broderick. When he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel, negative messages upset and hurt him.

Derry YouTuber Adam B visits young 9 year old YouTuber Lucas Noah who received a camera, tripod and drone in the big 20k giveaway where Adam travelled around Derry in an ice cream truck giving gifts to people he believed deserved them.
Photo (c) Lucas Noah
For more info contact Tina Calder, Excalibur Press, 07305354209,

But now Lucas Noah is having the last laugh.

Adam turned up at Lucas Noah’s house and gave the young man words of encouragement – telling him to go on uploading videos and ignore the trolls’ messages.

To help him on his way, Adam presented Lucas Noah with a brand new camera, a drone and a tripod to make better videos.

“I wasn’t expecting the gifts”, said mum Caroline. “Adam’s visit was more than enough, but this just made Lucas Noah’s day. I’m so glad that I responded to Adam’s Facebook post. He doesn’t know the impact he has had on our wee boy’s life.

Lucas Noah was inspired by Adam to create his own YouTube channel in February this year, he has about 1.5k followers and the videos are mainly of him and his dad having fun – although usually his dad getting the brunt end of anything.

“Lucas Noah wants to make videos because of Adam. When I applied, I told Adam that Lucas Noah was getting very negative messages in response to his videos. People were posting messages such as ‘go and kill yourself’ and then they would follow up with other negative messages.

“Adam’s team asked if Lucas Noah needed any presents. I said no.

“When he saw AB he was in total shock but couldn’t stop smiling.

“Lucas Noah was absolutely over the moon. Adan had a few quiet words with Lucas Noah about his videos. Told him not to let anyone stop him from making them. Then he gave him a brand new camera, a drone and a tripod to make better videos. I wasn’t expecting this. The visit by Adam was more than enough, but this just made Lucas Noah’s day.”

For Adam, inspiration to give the gifts came from another YouTube star, David Dobrik.

“I’m a massive fan and anyone who watches David would know that he likes to surprise people,” he explained “And I think during this climate, with bad news after bad news, people locally need someone like David. So, I too am going to do my best to try to make people smile.”

As well as having 2.7m YouTube subscribers Adam has more than 500,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok with his witty pranks and sketches, but he is committed to continuing charity work and supporting others. In addition to his cash and gift giveaways he recently bought his parents a four-bedroom dream home.

However, choosing those that were to receive the gifts for this video has involved his entire family, from picking the successful nominees through to joining Adam on the ice cream van.

“It’s amazing to be in the position where I can make people smile, take their mind off things, or potentially make a difference in their lives,” he said. “The stories really touched me. The same stories that also touched my mum whilst we were reading through the emails. It is the most I’ve ever seen my mum cry in one week.”

Among other recipients was 14-year-old superfan Lucie McElwee who received a Macbook, iPad and iPhone. The 14-year-old also had a box of chocolates as a bonus.

Derry YouTuber Adam B visits 14-year-old superfan Lucie McElwee who received a Macbook, iPad and iPhone in the big 20k giveaway where Adam travelled around Derry in an ice cream truck giving gifts to people he believed deserved them.
Photo (c) Adam B
For more info contact Tina Calder, Excalibur Press, 07305354209,

Lucie’s mum Sue McElwee said: “I saw the post on Facebook and sent an email. Lucie is such a superfan and knows Adam B very well. She has been a fan from the very start. I knew that if she didn’t get the surprise she would be crushed and so I kept it all very hush hush.

“On the day, Adam came quite late and so I had to find an excuse to keep her in the house.

“It was about half four or five before Adam arrived. Her dad said to her that someone was coming up the road and when she saw the ice cream van she had to take a double take. She had no shoes on and when the ice cream truck pulled up outside, she ran out panicking with no shoes on, screaming ‘I can’t believe it’.”

For Adam the real thank yous go to each and every fan like Lucie who has helped him get to where he is today.

He said: “I want to thank everyone who has supported me, watched the videos, shared, liked, commented and subscribed. You have given back to the local community. And for that, I just want to say thank you.”

His final message is one for everyone: “You don’t have to spend money to be kind. This video was a special one because I was able to give back,” he said. “But you don’t need to go to those lengths to be a nice person. Be the reason why someone smiles today. You won’t regret it.”

Check out Adam’s videos on his YouTube channel Adam B.

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The Arts

New Belfast Radio Station Launches With Strong Local Focus

Belfast 247 Presenters Chris Hughes, Robin Elliott, Pauline Carville, Paddy Boyd, Daniel May & Kenny Tosh

New radio station, Belfast 247, launches on Monday, May 10, at 10am, with a strong emphasis on local voices, local artists, as well as all the best hits to fill your day.

Broadcasting online, via the station app on Apple and Google, on smart speakers and later on this year broadcasting on the digital DAB platform.

The line-up includes many well-known, experienced, local presenters, including Kenny Tosh, who will host the breakfast show ‘Wake, Rattle and Roll.

Former CityBeat & Q Radio presenter Robin Elliott takes up the Mid-Morning Show after recently leaving Belfast 89FM.

Radio & TV Presenter Elliott, who has 25 years in broadcasting, said that he is excited about the launch of Belfast 247.

“It’s great to be working with a team of experienced presenters who are all passionate about music,” he said “We will be playing all the best music from 60’s to 90’s as well as featuring new tunes from the vast array of local music talent that we have here in Northern Ireland.

“The decision to launch a new station means that we are providing a strong brand to meet listeners needs with a focus on quality with a team who are familiar voices to listeners in the area.”

Among the many special guests set to appear is T’Pau’s Carol Decker, best remembered for hits such as China In Your Hand.

Kenny Tosh has more than 40 years’ experience in radio. “Belfast 247 will be playing music that other stations can’t play, and I am delighted to get up at 4.30am to play music I love,” he explained.

Over the years Kenny has worked at BBC 3 Counties Radio, Palm FM Torquay, Citybeat, Q97 (Head of music), U105, & Downtown Radio. His Revival Show can be heard weekly on stations in Australia, New Zealand, The Ukraine, USA & Canada.

Chris Hughes has been involved in Television and Radio from the early 1990’s, and has been a TV script writer, including Town Challenge and Saints and Scholars.

“I am looking forward to putting local back into the afternoons with lots of features, competitions and great guests,” he explained.  “We will have regular contributors that will include Belfast author and historian Joe Baker and Restaurant Critic Joris Minne”

Robin Elliott said that the overall aim of Belfast 247 will be to make sure that the listener experience remains to the fore in everything they do.

“To launch a new radio station in the internet era is one that reflects the demand for people to be able to tune into something that is local to them,” he said. “We know that our listeners want to be able find a station that resonates with them.

“The app, and the online station, are part of making sure they can access Belfast 247 with ease, or even tell your Alexa or Google smart speaker to tune in,” he said. “It is also why we are finalising our DAB broadcast, so that in the near future you can listen when driving around the city.”

Tune in on Monday on

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T.Cole Releases “Sipping Not Tripping”

Rippling synth arpeggios set the stage for introspective melodies, which are paired with a confident, outgoing outlook. The result is an intelligent pop song, coursing with gorgeous harmonies and irresistible rhythm.

T.Cole’s strong relationship with her production team is evident throughout – who built the track from a voice memo made while she was doing her chores at home.

“I couldn’t get this song out of my head.” T. Cole explains. “I asked my brother Josh to play some chords to it in the studio. And it just came together. Solo, my producer, jumped onboard, and we just created it around that melody.”

“I love that about it – I can hear my input. This song, I just find, is so different to how I’ve written in the past – writing to a beat.”

“It’s about missing someone.” T. Cole explains, on the meaning behind the track. “I wrote it about one of those moments in time. When you’re out with friends, and you think, ‘Oh, this person would love this’, or ‘I wish this person were here right now.’”

T.Cole – Sipping Not Tripping

“It could be a love interest, or a best friend. It’s thinking about how I wish we were enjoying this moment together. Doing this together.” Eventually T.Cole is able to choose to let go and enjoy the moment. As the song reaches the chorus, she sings, “Get off my mind.” – she refuses to feel guilty for enjoying herself.


T.Cole is the alias for Tunolase Margaret Cole. Born and raised in Drogheda, Co. Louth, the singer began singing at the age of eight in her local church choir – for which she and her friends auditioned by singing a remix of ‘Push It to the Limit’, from Scarface, with the words, ‘I Wanna Join the Choir’.  Encouragement and training from her local community in Drogheda, several years in a band, and joining forces with her friend and manager Mani, led her to feel she was ready to step out and begin a solo project. She was spotted by LJ Platform, and joined the agency’s roster in 2020. With a strong debut, ‘Thankful’, already under her belt, and a steady stream of strong singles ready to follow, T.Cole is ready to join the best of the rising talent emerging in Irish contemporary pop today.

T.Cole’s music is inspired by a host of popular genres, including classic pop, afroswing and R&B. She listens to everything, leaving her with a well-rounded sound. Prominent influences include Jackson 5 and Prince, as well as contemporary artists like Kiana Lede and Amber Marks.

Just Push Play on T.Cole

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