12 Cool Gifts For The Sustainable Man On Fathers Day

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Father’s Day is fast approaching. And for many people the Covid-19 situation has meant they haven’t seen their dads for the best part of the last three months.

Or, in other cases, some dads have seen a lot more of their children than usual.

Mary-Lou Fellowes, co-founder at eco-friendly marketplace Loolyn, said: “It’s been difficult for many people to find that perfect gift during the Covid-19 crisis, especially those with fathers who care about the planet.

“In normal circumstances, a day out, restaurant meal or a family get together would suffice, but this year Father’s Day presents mean more than ever.

“We want to show our loved ones that they’re special, that we miss them and that we care for them, a well thought out gift can do exactly that.”

Loolyn is a marketplace website that brings together some of the best eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable products that contain no plastic from across the UK.

Co Founder Lynsey Rebbeck added: “Just because we’re in a global crisis doesn’t mean we should throw out our sustainable mindset and buy presents just for the sake of them.

“Now, more than ever before, it’s important to stay true to your ethical values.”

Here are 12 cool sustainable gifts for your dad this Father’s Day:


1. VLeather Lunch Bag, £15

Whether you are back to work or packing up your lunch to take it into the garden, these ‘vegan leather’ bags (aka washable paper) are stylish and perfect to keep your sandwiches fresh until lunch.

These handmade, washable paper bags are from a mixture of wood pulp, cotton and synthetic latex, you can even put these in your washing machine.


2. Reusable Insulated Coffee Cup, £16.99

A great little addition to the vleather bag, these 340ml insulated coffee (or tea) cups will keep drinks hot – or cold if you prefer.

Made from a high quality double walled stainless steel construction meaning they will ensure the long lasting and freshest flavour of every drink with no metallic after taste.

Black steel is one of the most popular colours but customers can choose from a range or colours.


3. Ballyneal Mug in Granite, £20

If you’re looking for something to keep at home instead of taking coffee on the go, you can’t go past the iconic Ballyneal mug.

With a gently curved, solid body and large, pulled curved handle this mug suits all sizes of hands and has a lovely weight to it. Fill it with his favourite sweeties and he will be in for a nice surprise.


Eco Friendly Skin Care

4. Botanic Man Balm Moisturiser, £10

This award winning moisturiser is perfect for the man who just wants one thing to do all jobs and leave the counter clutter free.

Tackling beards, face, body, hair, feet and hands. This ‘ALL-IN-ONE MAN BALM’ is a great way to benefit from the healing qualities of herbs and botanicals.


5. Energising Eye Gel, £19.99

All that screen time and zoom calls take their toll on your eyes, often leaving them feeling tired and sore. This energising eye gel comes in a full compostable bamboo pot. It instantly brightens and hydrates the skin below the eye, reducing the fatigued-look and giving an awakening sensation.


6. Beer and Bay Soapnut Soap Shampoo, £6

Keeping on the energising thought path, this multi purpose hair-face-body solid shampoo bar gives Head and Shoulders a run for its money when clearing dandruff or caring for a dry, flaky scalp.  It also makes a great shaving bar too. Also available in a pack of 5 for £27.


7. Hand Salve (or ‘Paw Chutney’), £14

All that gardening and DIY dads have been indulging in over the past three months can take its toll on hard working hands. Whether you’re a gardener pulling out roses with your bare hands or a climber that skinned their fingers hanging off an epic overhang (totally possible) this hand salve will promote the healing of the skin and get you back on your A-game quickly.


Sustainable Shaving

8. Modern Double Edged Safety Razor, £25.95

These razors look luxurious and are weighted and angled to ensure a perfect shave every time. Just pop in a blade and let the razor do the work for you. Delivered in a cool presentation box they are available in Gun Metal, Black and Chrome. The plastic free razor includes a pack of 5 blades.


9. Double Edged Safety Razor Set and Stand, £120

If your dad is already convinced the life long razor is the way to go, why not get them a full set of brush, razor and stand. A piece of art in your bathroom. This will definitely ensure they will never reach for your razor by accident again.


Gift Sets

10. Skin Care Gift Box, £25

A great combo of natural deodorant, lip care and the aforementioned man balm make this a really thoughtful and interesting gift box without a sock in sight.


11. Beard Oil and Beard Balm, £26

This Beard Bundle contains both a beard oil and beard balm. The beard oil softens and repairs the beard. The balm nourishes and styles. 100% natural, vegan products which come as a result of years of experimentation by a dedicated team of bearded men.


12. The Ultimate Gentlemen’s Pack, £50

The Ultimate Gentlemen’s Pack consists of pieces beautifully handcrafted from recycled Irish whiskey barrels. They have been carved from a recycled Irish whiskey barrel stave with beautifully rounded edges, sanded to a silky smooth finish and polished with handmade Irish organic linseed wood polish. Consists of a hipflask, tie clip, bottle opener, ice blocks and cufflinks


Grab your dad a sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic free gift this Father’s Day at https://www.loolyn.com