Leading Catering Company Posh Nosh Ireland Launch Delivery & Collection Pantry Service Amid Covid-19 Crisis

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Delivery & collection service to help social distancing

Posh Nosh Ireland has launched a range of meals that can be safely collected from its Bangor HQ or delivered direct to your door.

The Posh Nosh Pantry service, which will roll out across North Down and Belfast to begin with, is in response to the changing requirements of consumer needs during the Covid-19 crisis the company said.

With 30 years experience and a purpose built large 4000sq ftcatering and cooking facilitythe company can produce a wide range of meals in their kitchens,new developments means they will continue to maintain their incredibly high standards of hygiene.

Posh Nosh Ireland launch new pantry range. Pictured is co-owner and executive chef, Tolson Sherwood.
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The online pantry service has been over a year in the making but owners Tolson and Lynda Sherwood decided to fast-track their plans following the cancellation of a number of large events giving them time to focus on completing planning for the new service.

Whilst the company has always offered a pantry service to its long-standing and regular business customers the new developments mean they are ramping up production and offering a wider range of menu items to residential consumers..

Co-owner and executive chef, Tolson Sherwood said: “We have always dabbled in the pantry but this is the first time we have found the time to launch it online.

“We hope this will help our local community, staff and friends in these uncertain times. Being in the hospitality industry we face several challenges ourselves in terms of the business so it makes sense for us to release these additional services sooner rather than originally planned as we want to do what we can to keep our staff in employment and protect the business for the uncertainty ahead.”

Meals on offer week to week can include Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Curry and Vegan Thai Curry amongst others, with a fresh menu being produced by Tolson each week.

“We are in a perfect position to provide a service to our local community in this difficult time,” said Philip Davidson, Front of House Manager of Posh Nosh Ireland, adding:  “We are delighted to have fast tracked out our Pantry launch and menu in the new online format.

“In terms of COVID-19 we have taken every precaution that we can, we have reduced staff on our base in Bangor so at a max we have three people on site.

“When collecting meals, we have our catering van that means a no touch approach to this, no doors no waiting in stores in crowded areas, we are totally cashless.”

All meals can be collected from the Posh Nosh trailer, which will be located outside their Bangor base in Balloo, meaning therefore no door handles or confined spaces to tackle.

In addition to collection a delivery service is available in Belfast, Bangor, Ards, Comber, Donaghadee, Holywood

All meals are produced in a sterile kitchen, packed into boxes, and placed in a blast chiller.

Most can be frozen, and can be stored in the fridge for between three and four days.

For those concerned about how to celebrate Mother’s Day, a special menu has been prepared.
“We have always had and will continue to maintain our 5 star rating for hygiene “

Full details are available from poshnoshpantry.com