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Fashion with Patience: Denim is Back: And I Love It

Denim is back, but in truth it has never really gone out of style. This classic wardrobe staple is well-loved and looks best well-worn, but from time-to-time new denim trends hit the high street, as well as older trends that make a comeback.

We’ve currently got nostalgia for the 90s and noughties, with the hugely popular “skinny” jeans making room for relaxed wide legs, athleisure-inspired cargo pockets and more straight-cut styles. In another throwback, dungaree jeans have been popular since autumn 2018 and I expect we’ll see more dungaree dresses this summer, as well as pastel corduroy versions of both.

Where double denim was once the number one fashion faux pas (wearing denim pieces on both the bottom and top half of the body), it’s now considered to be the epitome of cool. Even denim jumpsuits are making an appearance in some stores! My top styling tip? Make sure your double denim outfit is two contrasting shades.

Denim seems to go through periods of either being sleek with minimal detailing, or all-out with added extras. Today, embroidered denim is popular, putting a feminine spin on classics such as jeans, shorts, and jackets. We’re also seeing more details such as beads and pearls on jeans, which I love, as well as over-frayed hems.

Denim pieces are everywhere this season, and it’s a trend that will continue into autumn 2019 and spring 2020, with cosy denim dresses and structured denim shirts, as well as more tailored looking denim with the popular paper bag waist trend.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your denim items to give an old piece a new lease of life! Recently, I bought a pair of ripped jeans but wanted to customise them to make them more age appropriate. I thought they would look fantastic with some lace in the rips, so I gently took apart a lace flower and glued the petals onto the inside of the rips. I think they look
great, and everyone asks me where I got them. Remember, denim rarely ever goes out of style, but the subtle details change from season to season.

With denim being more popular than ever in 2019, invest in some key pieces now to take you through the years to come.

Written By: Patience Bradley 


Fashion with Patience: 5 Tips For The Perfect Workwear Look

When it comes to workwear, it can be hard to know exactly what to go for. You don’t want to go overdressed, but not too casual either that you look unprofessional. You still want to remain fashionable and cool whilst dressing respectfully and appropriately. Here’s my top tips for how to dress for work.

Suit Up

In my opinion with workwear, a bold suit is a fail safe option. You really can’t beat it. It’s an easy outfit to throw in in the morning with a pair of heels and blouse, shirt or jumper. The great thing about investing in a good suit too is the pieces work great as separates, you could wear the trousers with a blouse in the summer or style the blazer with different outfits.

Try a Pinafore

If you want to wear a more girly outfit for your office attire, consider wearing a pinafore dress. These dresses can look especially good in Autumn/Winter with tights, boots and a jumper underneath. Consider a pattern such as plaid, to mix up your look.

Stick To a Neutral Colour Palette

When shopping for workwear, it can be tempting to go for bold eye catching prints and colours. However it is often more savvy, to stick to a neutral colour, in order to create a capsule wardrobe. Buying basic neutral pieces that you can style in different ways will allow you to make the most out of your wardrobe and mix and match with different looks. 

Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes

When it comes to workwear a good pair of shoes is key, whether you prefer loafers, flats or heels being comfortable should be everything. So invest in a good pair of shoes that will last and will go with your everyday look.

If in Doubt Wear all Black

A backup outfit is always an all black outfit, cause it requires zero effort and is still so chic. It’s a great one if you are ever running late for work because you can just throw it on and instantly look put together, add a statement coat or sunglasses to dress it up and you are good to go.

Written By: Patience Bradley  

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Fashion with Patience: 5 Ways To Style A Simple Blazer

For me, blazers are a wardrobe essential, you can style them so many different ways, and they are a timeless piece that will never go out of style. Whether you prefer patterned blazers like a Prince of Wales check or just prefer to stick to a plain black blazer, here’s some ways I love to style my blazers. 

Roll up Your Sleeves

I love to wear a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, often wearing an oversized blazer, can look big and boxy so rolling up the sleeves can add a nice shape. This is especially good in the summer months when it’s warm outside and you just want to add a light jacket.

Round the Shoulders

For an evening look, or on a hotter day you can style a blazer by simply wearing it over your shoulders. This gives a classy and instantly dressed up feel to any outfit. You then have the option of wearing it as a jacket when it gets colder in the evening.

As a Transitional Piece

Whilst blazers may be known as a spring/summer piece they are the perfect transitional piece to bring your wardrobe into autumn. For months like September and October when it’s not yet cold enough to bring out your larger over coats during the day, a blazer can be the perfect in between piece to compliment any outfit. 

As a Suit 

If you have trousers or jeans in the same colour as your blazer why not style it as a suit. Suits are the perfect workplace attire and can look great for daytime or nighttime. Style a suit with a pair of flats and handbag for day, or switch it up to heels and a clutch for an evening outfit.

With Accessories 

Add some accessories to your blazer to change it up, think about cinching your blazer in at the waist with a belt. Or even add a brooch to the lapel to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Written By: Patience Bradley 

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