Beating Cancer And Playing With Fire: Logy Logan loves bringing his skills to the Festival of Fools

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AFTER his career as a tattooist was battered by the credit crunch, Limavady native Logy Logan upped sticks moved to Belfast and has become not only a renowned street performer, but also a teacher at the Belfast Community Circus School.
The multi-talented 31-year-old has adapted, learned, juggled and now tours the world with his show ‘Logy on Fire’.
As he prepares to perform at Belfast’s Festival of Fools over the coming Bank Holiday he reflects on the been a journey that has been filled with what he describes as multiple learning opportunities.
“I was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago,” Logy explained. “That was a big shock to the system. It’s been ‘sorted’ but it has really helped to encourage me to do a few new things.”
To date he has performed in over 15 countries, and now Belfast’s ‘Biggest Beard in the Business’ brings a rock n roll show packed with skilful object manipulation and updated traditional vaudeville tricks to his home country of NI.
However, it is a long way from his roots.
“Originally I was a tattooist and the front man for a [heavy]metal band, then about 11 years ago when the credit crunch was happening people who where getting tattoos couldn’t afford it anymore,” he said. “I moved to Belfast to find work and joined a juggling club out of boredom.
“I fell in love with the skills and started working with Streetwise Community Circus in Belfast and if all came from there.”
And, it has enabled him to achieve more than he expected: “I’m getting to do what I love and share it with people.”
When Logy performs on Saturday, May 4th at Cotton Court (3pm) and Castle Place (5pm) make sure you stay for the entire performance. The show’s finale with its perilous display of equilibrium and juggling with razor sharp objects will have you holding your breath.”
Despite the early struggles and battling cancer Logy has a steely determination that goes beyond his hazardous shows.
“You got to keep going and keep pushing. If you fall down you need to get up again,” he explained. “I love learning. I learn one new fact a day.
“No matter what is happening there is always time to learn something you never knew. I ride motorbikes and love playing music in my spare time. I do miss playing in bands though.”
What audiences can expect in Belfast on Saturday is an extravaganza of his talents.
“I’m performing my world travelled street show Logy on Fire,” he said. “I have performed in the three biggest arts festivals in the world and the two biggest out door music festivals in the world with this show.
“I try and take all the older gentleman juggling skills that I love and try to perform them in a way that people will enjoy I also juggle an array of custom dangerous juggling objects that you wouldn’t see anyone else juggle.”
It is an outrageous combination of classic skills, comedy, rock and roll and a “healthy dose of danger”.
Logy has also dedicated time to help train and support others.
“I joined the Belfast Community Circus School about six years ago teaching and performing with them.”
And, he loves the city’s Festival of Fools.
“It’s great to see the city brought to life with street theatre,” Logy said. “To have lots of different acts from around the world all bringing people together it wonderful.”
This year’s Festival of Fools takes place from Friday 3 – Monday 6 May
It is jam-packed full of the best local and international circus and street arts talent. Expect to be dazzled and delighted as professional and community performers from around the globe capture your imagination, wow you with their skills and escort your dropped jaw through the streets of Belfast.

For full details on the Festival of Fools check out the programme on the website