Mayor Helps To Tackle Littering At Ballygally Beach

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A #2MinuteBeachClean initiative has been launched at the award-winning Ballygally Beach in Mid and East Antrim. The scheme encourages beach users to play their part in keeping Mid and East Antrim beautiful by picking up any litter they come across while enjoying the spectacular area.

Ballygally Beach

A #2MinuteBeachClean board has been erected in the area as part of the campaign to raise awareness.
It was purchased by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and Ballygally Community Development Association (BCDA).

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Lindsay Millar, said: “At a time when marine litter and its impact on marine life is a prominent issue, users are being encouraged to regularly spend a few minutes to lift any litter they may see on the beach.

Ballygally Beach


“The #2minuteBeachClean is a worldwide initiative and this is the first board in the Mid and East Antrim Borough. The board provides users with a litter pick, and reused plastic bags to collect litter from the beach. Any litter will be placed in a specific bin located close to the board and litter pick will be reattached to the board for the next person to use. It is hoped that the board will be well used, and starts to encourage more people to take even more interest in our coastline.”

“Ballygally Beach is one of our Seaside Award beaches, and everyone contributing to the high standard of the beach will help to maintain this status. We are a multi-award winning borough when it comes to our public spaces and initiatives like this are crucial to ensuring Mid and East Antrim remains an attractive place to live, work, invest in and visit.”

“Regular community clean-ups and social events which include participation from across the age spectrum ensure community inclusion, a sense of belonging and a pride of place. Council is committed to encouraging partnership work which ultimately makes a real difference to our citizens’ lives.”

Littering is an Offence

Littering is an offence which can result in an £80 fixed penalty notice.
To report any fly tipping or littered areas you can go to: