Free Webinar This Thursday To Reveal Secrets Of How Your Mailing List Can Drive New Business

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This Thursday (June 4) a free webinar is taking place that will demonstrate the vital role of a mailing list in business growth.

The webinar Why You Need To Build A Good Mailing List, which is a part of a series of weekly events by Excalibur Press, is being delivered by company founder Tina Calder.

During Covid-19 Tina pivoted her business and, as a result, has increased her mailing list by a whopping 960%.

On Thursday Tina will help attendees find out the importance of building a mailing list for any business as well as some tricks, tips, tools and techniques for capturing the right data.

“I have been torturing my clients for years to look after their mailing lists,” she explained.

“Now I have finally gotten around to doing it myself and have been astonished by the response.

“By quickly pivoting my business and finding ways to communicate with our clients and prospective clients we’ve managed to nurture a new, and growing, list of people who now know what services we provide as a company.

“At Excalibur Press we’ve used our mailing list activity throughout this pandemic to let people know we’re open for business and help them have faith that we won’t desert them when they need us the most.

“Throughout this webinar I intend to share my own experiences and reveal the secrets behind the scenes as well as give top tips and advice from the experts.”

The free webinar Why You Need To Build A Good Mailing List will take place at 3pm this Thursday June 4.

“In this webinar attendees will learn why building an email list should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy,” said Tina.

“It will include ways to build your mailing list, how I manage my mailing list, some of the scary legal matters you have to think about, ideas for building your mailing list, communicating with your mailing list, and much more. There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout.”

Tina added that the session is aimed at mailing list beginners and people who have a list that they don’t know what to do with or people who have yet to formalise or create a mailing list. Tina explained it will be an “overview” and not a detailed look at the technical side of managing a mailing list.

As founder of Excalibur Press publicity management, content creation and copywriting agency Tina has been in the business working in Northern Ireland for over 20 years and has worked with a wide range of businesses during that time.

In this session Tina will break down why creating, building and managing a mailing list should be a key part of your content and marketing strategy, how you can use yours effectively and show you some of the tricks, tips and tools she uses to manage her own list.

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