Firing Up A New Generation Of Female Firefighters

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Little Women NI is joining with the two female firefighters employed at Belfast International Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service to offer young girls between 9 and 11 years a unique insight into firefighting with the first workshop of its kind being hosted at the airport fire station this Saturday, 18 August.

Fighting Fire

The exclusive programme will offer those attending an opportunity to participate in a series of specially designed activities and drills, essential life skills development, exposure to real life role models from the service who will share their experiences of firefighting first-hand and encourage the new generation to play an increased role across all areas of the community.

Events like these are invaluable in raising awareness of the emergency services which are so important in our society and to encourage females to pursue their ambitions and realise their potential with the aim of creating a more balanced and inclusive society for all, as currently only 46 firefighters in Northern Ireland are women.

Firefighter Rachael Garrett who is leading the event at Belfast International Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service said: “When I was younger, the role of a firefighter was never on my radar partly because it wasn’t considered a female career. I wanted to deliver this programme to let more young girls know what is involved in the role of a firefighter and, in particular, break down the gender stereotype that it’s a male role. I hope it also inspires young girls to be confident and determined in whatever career they pursue, speak up and not be afraid to just be themselves! When people first find out my job, they often comment on my size or make other remarks but it didn’t put me off, just more determined. Strong women come in all shapes and sizes!”

Little Women NI

Founder and Director of Little Women NI, Laura Dowie said: “I am delighted to be working with Belfast International Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service to develop a brand new event for young girls in Northern Ireland. Seeing and hearing from real life role models is so important in helping children realise what is achievable and that they can be anything they want to be irrespective of gender, so long as they work hard. The skills that the girls will develop during the four hour workshop will benefit them in other vital areas and will help them build a solid core skill set that they can apply in so many other areas of their lives.”

Numbers are limited so to book a place and for further information about Little Women NI, visit their facebook.

Little Women NI was founded with the specific aim to improve and develop a variety of skills in young girls throughout Northern Ireland between 7 and 11 years old in a fun and unique environment.