Chairman of Council Receives New Chain of Office

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In another first for Newry, Mourne and Down District Council the Chairman, Councillor Mark Murnin took possession of a new Chain of Office to be worn by those appointed as First Citizen of the district.

The Chairman explained the new chain’s design and origins, saying, “In order to be cost effective the new Chain of Office uses the chain of the legacy Down District Council and the Council has commissioned a new pendant, which depicts our new Council identity – a stone shape, inspired by the region’s-dry stone walls, along with a staff and spear which are intended to suggest St Patrick and Cú Chulainn, two of our area’s most iconic figures.

New Chain of Office

“It is a great honour to perform the role of Chairman of Council and act as First Citizen of the District, and I am delighted that this new Chain of Office will be available to be worn with honour and dignity by all those who undertake this role, in the incoming years.

“Always mindful of the importance of the former Councils and those who have represented their districts as First Citizens, the decommissioned centre piece of the legacy Down District Council chain will be passed to Down County Museum, and the legacy Newry and Mourne District Council chain will be passed to Newry and Mourne Museum for safe-keeping and historical purposes.”