In Touch With The Other Side: Co Down Medium Releases Debut Book

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A County Down Psychic medium has released her first book revealing her journey of discovery and including testimonials of those she has helped.

The Lone Wolf

In her book The Lone Wolf, published by Excalibur Press, Gloria Feenan O’Neill reveals how she has conducted more than 3,000 spirit readings since she discovered her gift late in life – helping people to connect with their loved ones who have passed to the other side.

The entrancing read not only tells Gloria’s personal journey but opens the door to the possibilities that lie beyond the sight and sound of so-called reality.

Author and psychic Gloria Feenan O’Neill who released her book The Lone Wolf recently, published by Excalibur Press. Credit: Debbie Deboo Photography

“When my father passed over five years ago it awakened in me that I could tune and focus in on the spirit,” she said.

“Since then I have found so many need help to connect with those that they feel that they have lost, but in our reality we can reach out to.

“It is privilege to be able to help, and I hope that with The Lone Wolf readers will understand my journey and that there is so much more that we can learn beyond what passes as conventional reality.”

More Than Just A Story

This is more than a story about Gloria’s awakening – this is a guide that can enhance everyone’s life journey, engaging and inspiring on your personal spiritual journey.

Excalibur Press owner, Tina Calder said that even cynics need to read this book.

“Gloria’s journey of self-discovery and tapping into her abilities is an essential read,” she said. “It is a story of loss and awakening that is both touching and profound.

“That so many have contributed with their testimonials speaks to what Gloria has done with and for people.”

The Lone Wolf, published by Excalibur Press, is out now and available from Amazon, Kobo and Excalibur Press.

To connect with Gloria log on to facebook.