Award-Winning Writer Pearse Elliott Releases Stunning New Book

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Award-winning Belfast screenwriter and playwright, Pearse Elliott, has unleashed his stunning debut novel The Executive Game on Excalibur Press.

Set in Cuba it is a thrilling tale of the adventures – and misadventures of an Irish smuggler with a murky past and a dangerous future.

“It was inspired by a trip to Havana and a true story I had heard whilst I was in Havana in 1999 by an illicit tour guide,” said Elliott. “I have always been fascinated by Cuban history and found the simple Revolution with Castro and Guevara an incredible event where the will of determined minority overcame a corrupt Government.

“The story is about a disenchanted ex Irish Republican Combatant who is in Havana to smuggle contraband where he encounters a beautiful Cuban woman who is under the command of a Cuban Crimelord who organizes knife fights for Tourists called The Executive Game.”

But, of course, there is much more to unfold in a violent, compelling tale.

The Executive Game out now, published by Excalibur Press

The Executive Game out now, published by Excalibur Press

Raw, Gritty Edgy and Harsh

Tina Calder, owner of Excalibur Press welcomed Elliott into the fold.

“Pearse Elliott’s work is raw, gritty, edgy and harsh. He’s not afraid to tackle the most taboo subjects and delve into the global underbelly,” she said. “Pearse brings the same unique style to his books that he’s known for in his plays.

“We are delighted that, above all other publishing houses, Pearse chose Excalibur Press to represent his books and we’re already working on book number two which is due out later this year.”

Likened to No Country For Old Men, The Executive Game is a compelling read that is deeply disturbing, fast-paced and gut-wrenching.

English actor and producer Larry Lamb is also a fan of Pearse’s work. Speaking of the book he said: “A visceral, erotic and at times terrifying journey into a world whose existence one is aware of but happy to learn about from one brave enough to have ventured into it. I’ve loved the book since I read it fresh on the page. The Executive Game is an adventure nobody will ever forget.”

In a busy few weeks Elliott will not only be releasing his début novel but will have two plays on stage next month in Belfast: The Man In The Moon at The Mac and The Sword and The Sand at the Lyric Theatre.